Welcome to the modern communications company.
We work anywhere, any time, with clients all over the world.

Area 213. The agency without borders.

A modern world requires a fresh approach to work.
We work smart and give our clients measurable results.


At Area 213, we make complex decision-making easy. It’s our job to understand how creative thinking and clear communication can be facilitated by technology and applied to your business. We offer answers that maximise your investment and deliver on your business objectives.

In an increasingly noisy world, you don’t need more volume – you need a partner to lend a hand and turn down the noise.


We are relentlessly-results orientated, data-driven and passionate about the work we do.

To understand your business challenges, we’ve brought management consultancy in-house. You can write the best ad in the world but if the product you’re selling is broken, you’ll fail. That’s why we never spend a second on marketing until we’re intimately familiar with the product in question. We’re ideally suited to small and medium-sized businesses that want the thinking of big consultancies without the financial outlay.

Our first priority is to deliver measurable marketing results that give you a tangible return-on-investment. Thanks to Big Data, we can not only show you what the right strategy is, but determine its success as well. In the right hands, technology is there to simplify your life, not complicate it, and we use the latest communications tools to keep you at the cutting edge.

Finally, we work in a modern way, retaining the services of a small in-house team paired with a network of freelancers positioned around the globe. Based in South Africa, we have embraced local talent that is equal to the expertise of teams anywhere else in the world, and regularly compete against European agencies, winning business thanks to our quality of work and competitive pricing strategy.


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