Area 213 International is a Cape Town-based communications agency. Our mantra is the agency ‘without borders’ as we service clients overseas just as easily as South Africa.

Working with clients in Sydney is turning into a real success story. We proactively try to find points of difference that give us the competitive advantage. In our home market this has been our talent and nimble business model – in Sydney the time zone has turned into a huge advantage.

“It’s taken a little time, but we’ve now found our niche,” says Ben Wren, founder and MD of Area 213 International. “We have become the extension of creative departments in Australia for time-critical work. The briefs being sent our way would need their incumbent agency or designer to work all night. We’re sent the open file at 5pm (Aus time) and the client picks up the open file 9am the next day with the brief complete.”

Ben Wren, founder of Area 213 International

It’s a win-win situation. Our agency gets to showcase South African talent and the clients get an on-demand night shift with a healthy price advantage. It works because egos are put aside and everyone focuses on the work. Usually sharing open files only leads to problems.

Our mantra is one of working across borders because it’s the smarter way to work – for all parties. You get the services of our dedicated team at a cost competitive price, and we get to demonstrate our skill-set. We are still one of the few agencies that offer management consulting alongside more traditional services such as: coding and website creation, design, ad campaigns, video content and social media and just about every other solution in the book.

It might seem daunting work with a team on the other side of the world, but the magic of video conferencing speeds up the entire working relationship.

At any rate, we’d like to tell you more, so if you’re at all interested in what we can do for you – at what price, get in touch with