We’re a full-service communications agency with a management consultancy arm.

At Area 213, we believe in understanding a business problem before we set about advertising. Without this knowledge, there is no clarity. Clarity is the cornerstone of good communication and it’s a trait that stands tall in a complex world. Our management consultancy arm uses applied theories such as systemic thinking, behavioural economics, mathematics, neuroscience and decision theory to make your life easier.

Then, we set about the execution phase. A communications solution is varied and tailored to your needs; it can be a tried and tested ad campaign, a paid media strategy or even a completely novel product built from scratch. We’ll work together to determine the ideas, technology and innovation that will your brand forward.

We believe in working closely with clients to make big objectives come to life. We’re not just a marketing agency, but a partner to clients who want creative solutions.


What we do

Management Consulting

Clarity is key. We help facilitate an environment in which key decision makers in a business can arrive at a point of alignment for the good of the business.

Coding and website creation

Need a new website or want an existing site optimized? We’re comfortable working with WordPress, Drupal or any recognised website framework. We can also offer custom code work for specific requirements.

Paid Media

Should you advertise on Google? That depends on whether you’re prepared to bid against other brands for visibility. Our pay per click team will ensure you save money bidding smart and make the biggest splash possible.


We’re big on creative expression. Our designers deliver bespoke brand identities, advertising material, outdoor signage, social and digital collateral and anything else required to make your brand stand out. We work closely with you to perfect your new identity.

Advertising campaigns

Whether it’s print or online, we’re passionate about advertising. In the past, we’ve worked at some of the biggest agencies in the world, on Hollywood shoots and indie productions, so we’re comfortable no matter the scale or budget.

Video content

Videos are tough to get right, but once you do, they’re incredibly effective and hugely valuable. The good news is that they’re comparatively cost-effective for the returns they generate.

Editorial and Search Engine Optimization

Advertorials are an underrated form of advertising. We work with publications in the UK, Americas and Africa to speak to your audience. Plus, our SEO specialists are able to deliver fresh content to your website. In our view, blogs aren’t used enough. And if the content is optimized correctly, it’ll increase your website traffic exponentially.

Social Media

Social isn’t a dark art. It just requires perseverance and an appreciation for your target market. Trying to appeal to tweens on Facebook? Targeting fifty somethings on Instagram? Let us understand your audience and craft an effective strategy.


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